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  FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why do both sides of the ruler have the same scale?
A: If you can sketch at two different scales at the same time, then god bless you! Duplicate scales allow you to keep the compass's north parallels aligned to the grid despite its position on the page. This is particularly useful when sketching close to or hopefully not off the edge of the page. If you find the compass portion hanging off the page, simply shift it back onto the page and use the opposite edge of the ruler to plot the shot. Don't bind yourself to using the major increments(0-5); you don't always have to start your shot from "0" nor do you have to plot left to right. Be flexible!
Q: 10 scale?! I use 1"=25' scale, what about me?
A: Unfortunately for you 1"=25' guys, the metric version is first in line for production. I recommend adapting to the 10 scale since it tends to be more widely used for cave survey. The primary benefit of 10 scale is that it allows the derivation of several scales (i.e. 1"=20', 1"=30', 1"=40', 1"=50') easily.
Q: My shot isn't on your chart! Why is it broken into increments of "5"?
A: Unfortunately their simply isn't enough room to squeeze in such an elaborate chart (6800 possible values!) and be able to main a text size that is actually legible. No, the chart is not exact and is essentially for reference, but if used correctly can be quite accurate. If your exact shot isn't on the chart, extrapolate between chart values to get the value you need.

Q: Ya know caves can be dirty......won't the compass dial get "clogged"?

A: Well first of all you need to stop going to dirty, muddy caves! Find some flowstone and rivers for crying out loud!! Yes the Cave Compass can get a little "gritty" at times, but then again so can your ascenders if you just keep driving them into the mud. Like most things....if you treat them well, they will last forever! If you find the compass dial not running so smoothly, tap the Cave Compass on its side against your helmet to knock loose any sand or grit. If you have a stream or pool nearby, rinsing works nicely too. Make sure you have something to dry it off with before you dunk it!!!
Q: Why call it the Cave "Compass", it's not a compass?
A: The design is based off of the original base plate compass.

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